Teen Etiquette and Dining® Workshop

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Teen Etiquette and Dining Course Description

As parents we all want our children to succeed. We take them to school and help them with their homework and discuss their progress with their teachers. Academically, our children are very smart. Academic intelligence is not the only way we can help our teenagers become successful. It is imperative to a teen’s success that they adapt socially as well as academically to the responsible adult world. They are in the critical stages of making first impressions on university recruiters, future employers, and even potential mates. If you aren’t teaching your child the specifics and details of interactions with others in all situations, then he will learn by watching his peers. That could be a mistake.

Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette, the same company that for years has provided workshops on social graces and etiquette for youngsters has developed a new workshop for teenagers.

Take charge and make sure your child is given the edge by having the knowledge and skills that can help create success for them. We all want our children to succeed, but we do not always give them the skills required. Life is being engaged with others at work, home, and play. Knowing how to engage, what is appropriate, what is expected, is key to the success of any engagement. This workshop is a gift to your child’s future self. Anytime you give a child new skills, understanding and various methods for responding to others, you give them a new or revived confidence in themselves.

Who is it for?

The Image Flair Teen Etiquette and Dining Workshop for students aged 12-19 years old will give them the tools to develop the character and self-confidence they will need to succeed in life. It is our goal that during this three hour engaging and entertaining workshop your teenager will gain the confidence he or she needs to succeed in any social situation.

What is my child going to get from this course?

Any young person in this age group will find that this teen etiquette and dining workshop will help them know exactly what to do, how to communicate, and how to physically act in all social situations. The difference between the teen who can be appropriate and the teen who cannot is wide. This class will make sure your child has the knowledge and skills to use in any situation.

This workshop will focus on appropriate social behaviors for dining and for interacting with others they may know or may not know. In turn this will build your child’s confidence and self-esteem, and his acceptance within the adult world.

What is the course fee?

Refer to Schedule

What’s included in the course fee?

• Certificate of Attendance
• Hands-on meal
• Course Materials

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