Confidence is Cool® Bootcamp

Duration: 3 hours x 3 sessions | Venue: Refer to Schedule


Confidence is Cool Bootcamp

The Three-day Camp will help youngsters, ages 8-12, achieve confidence, higher self-esteem and fine-tune their public speaking and deportment skills.

This program is interactive, based on a hands-on workshop approach filled with role-plays and group presentations. The students in this three-day camp will learn what it means to be confident, set goals, learn different ways to work with others, poise and how to speak out as a leader. Students who intend to further their education, often feel anxious or insecure will find this workshop a fun way to try on some different skills. Parents cannot wait for their children to “grow” into a confident adult without some guidance. The more guidance is given, the more confidence and self-esteem a child will gain. Left alone, it may not happen.

Give your child the benefit of this extra guidance and watch the bloom of self-assurance and inner peace.

Who is it for?

This camp is for any child ages 8-12 who desires the emotional strength to speak up in a group, to be unafraid to express opinions and the skill required for managing the anxiety that goes with a lack of confidence. Every pre-teen is searching for validation. Each wants to feel accepted and liked by peers. This class will help children find positive ways to attract the right kinds of friends, the courage to make good choices and the confidence to feel like who they are and what they think and say is important.

What is my child going to get from this course?

Your pre-teen will learn how to speak and act with confidence around their peers and with adults. They will develop methods to work with others in a positive manner and gain an emotional strength that is needed to build positive relationships and self-assurance. Each child will learn how to handle stressful situations at home, school, and in social settings.

The focus of this camp is for any child who not only has little confidence but for those who need to boost their confidence in many different and difficult situations.

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What is the course fee?

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What’s included in the course fee?

• Certificate of Attendance
• Course Materials

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